Behind the Scenes

We invite you behind the scenes, to experience what has been the inspiration of creating the "Spirit of Shamballa" campaign for Shamballa Jewels.

For more than a decade, Shamballa Jewels has dedicated itself to creating iconic and highly customizable jewellery uniting the Far East with the North in extravagant creations of diamonds, precious stones and 18K gold for discerning collectors worldwide.

All Shamballa Jewels designs are imbued with the Star of Shamballa - a reminder to live a purposeful life through love, joy, compassion and wisdom - the four directions of the star. We wish to help emphasize a lifestyle, that goes far beyond what is simply luxury, and highlight the power of positive energy.

The artistic expression of the new campaign interprets the Spirit of Shamballa Jewels on many levels  - communicating the whole Shamballa Jewels universe, and everything it stands for; humanity, philosophy, creativity, craftsmanship and superior quality.

The campaign features the Danish actor, Pilou Asbæk, who shares his Nordic heritage with Shamballa Jewels, and is renowned for his roles in movies and TV series, such as Ben-Hur, Game of Thrones, and most lately, Ghost in the Shell. Pilou Asbæk manifests himself as a symbol of humanity draped in colourful garments and symbols from the Shamballa Jewels universe. Pilou enacts a King from the mythical kingdom of Shamballa, emanating light -  through the artistic interpretation of Cooper & Gorfer.

The campaign is shot by the fine art photographers, Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer, who have earned acknowledgement for their distinct painterly aesthetics and poetic hybrid image collages. Their works take you on an endless journey of wanting to explore more, as each of them always hold more treasures than observed at first sight. In the Shamballa Jewels campaign, Cooper & Gorfer have artistically visualized the philosophy of Shamballa Jewels, through the human virtues of love, joy, compassion and wisdom, as well as the light from the Star of Shamballa. 

The artistic expression reflects campaign emphasizes Shamballa Jewels' aspiration to provide exceptional experiences that go far beyond what is simply luxury, and is empowered by the idea that art itself is also about discovering such experiences. The artistic images are epitomes of quality, creativity and craftsmanship, and so Cooper & Gorfer's artistic translation of the values of Shamballa Jewels reflects the creativity of the brand. The additional universes are released throughout 2017 and 2018.

Behind the Scenes